Electrostar Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Electro Star is the well known manufacturers and marketers of illustrious electronic products. We have recently entered the market just a few years back and within such a short span, we have been able to build a formidable reputation among the suppliers, whole-sellers, retailers and among end consumers too. Electronic industry is immensely marked by dubious products and non durable goods and as a result hundreds of items enter the market every year and banish instantly after being rejected by users. And hence, to retain no 1 key position, organizations need to be relentless in their efforts and pursuit to quality and excellence. We manufacture range of items, like the cost effective CFLs, invertors, UPS, mobile chargers, ceiling fans, CFL PCB, CFL raw material and finally adapters to various electronic gadgets.

Electro Star has become a household name in this regard as we have been producing electronic goods which are of enhanced quality and hence which massively yield consumer trust and preference. As a result to such achievements, we have been able to seek ISO 9001 certification. We feel elevated to acclaim that we have dedicated team of electrical engineers who have years of experience behind them and who strictly adhere to high grade manufacturing stuff during manufacturing process. To ensure the very essence of quality and perfection, we have setup world class manufacturing unit with state of art latest machinery and testing equipment to value-add underlying relevance and safety to each unit of the final product. Consequently, all our final products are entirely safe and secure to be used under all normal circumstances and we provide great many variations in product designs so that most suitable one can be easily opted for.

For Electro Star, customer satisfaction has been our fundamental mission and we have always followed a line of action that has harped upon this relevance. We have always stressed upon established standards of product's significance and trust and hence each of our products is painstakingly tested for quality and durability and any deviation is efficiently checked for.

To enhance the level of security and safety, every piece is fully insulated with protective coatings so as to hold back any possible overflow of electric currents just in case of some emergency, and thereby to avoid any possible breakout of short circuit and so on.

We lay special emphasis to deliver the best of all our products to you and our products are fully safe, secure and can easily be installed in respective sockets and holders.

For some large and heavy products like invertors and UPS they come with warranty benefits as well. Our specialists are available 24x7 to assist you in queries related to electronic items, like the right kind of product, its market and operational price and how soon can it repay your initial amount and what all customer oriented policies are in place, like if you can exchange any faulty item or will there be money back guarantee and so on. We just want you to go for genuine stuff and stay away from fake and bogus junk items.

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Electrostar Electronics is reputed as a reliable Manufacturer, Supplier & Trader of a wide range of Industrial and domestic Electrical products. We bring forth products like CFL Parts, CFL Base Tray, CFL Light, CFL Combo Pack, CFL Punching Machine, and Ceiling Fans. The products that we offer are well designed and so are used in several industries. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We are an organization driven by excellence.